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Amazing balloon creations to stun your guests.

As well as a florist, Bev is also a certified balloon decorator. Our balloon arches and other creations are unique to Cornwall.  Our Fantastic Moon arch with balloons in  festival colours was a huge hit.  However, It can be created in any colours.  The moon arch is lovely because it can also be used for a foliage and flower arch and is a lovely backdrop to any event.  Whether a wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary or any event.

Balloon decoration can add an instant charm to any occasion. If you are looking to add an elegant touch of beauty and fun to your event, you have come to the right place. We at Ballooning Buds and Bows provides you balloon displays in Penzance. Nowadays, balloon décor has become quite popular. When you are looking to get a great value for money spent on decoration, then balloon displays are indeed the right choice you have. With an arch over and candles on the top table, you can easily make any occasion worth celebrating.

Creating lasting moments has become a trend with a balloon display. We are here to help you create a remarkable entrance to make such a difference on any occasion for you. We have different balloon décor options for you to suit any purposes. When you want to make any occasion extra special, be sure to connect with us for beautiful balloon décor options.

Our sparkly LED coloured light balloons are fantastic for any special occasion, and give a WOW factor at any venue.

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